Thoughts On Giving

Paul Vet and Judy Williamson on stage at a recent event.

Dear OG Cares Family,

Weekly, I am going to write a short column on Thoughts on Giving.  The purpose of this weekly “newsletter” is to help all of us to become more educated as to how giving works to strengthen our ties with our own growth and development as physical and spiritual beings. 

All the essential components of our life come into play when we practice giving.  Emotionally, socially, physically, spiritually, financially, and mentally we are beneficiaries of our desire to give to our global communities. 

Giving Is Cyclical  

How does this happen? Well, when we feel good about giving and actually take positive action to “gift” someone of our time, talent, or treasure we enhance both our empathy and gratitude in the process and physically our bodies release endorphins that work to promote our personal well-being.  It is a cyclic process and not only spiritually makes us feel good, but the effect is very real on our physical bodies as well. 

When this happens our moods are heightened and we become more positive, we have a sense of the global community that we are part and parcel of socially, physically the endorphins released cause us to feel good, spiritually we align our thoughts and emotions with love that serves the well-being of mankind, financially we become more capable since our creativity and imagination are enhanced, and mentally the positive thoughts that we think continually create and reinforce positive habits that become ingrained in our method of doing things. 

Therefore, rather than Giving just being something that only produces results for the receiver, the giver is an equal if not greater recipient of the benefit of giving.  Considering this it makes sense to begin today to practice the Art of Giving to and for others for the purpose of the recipient’s benefit and our own as well.

The 90 Day Giving Plan

At the recent PK50 Event in Las Vegas, both Mr. Holton Buggs and Mr. Shane Morand discussed the 90 Day Business Plan for Organo.  If you work this plan, it is guaranteed to work in your life and business.  Likewise, side-by-side, why not test the 90 Day Giving Plan?  Give to others in whatever manner you can.  Do these two 90 day plans in tandem.  Test the waters and see for yourself if what you give is not what you receive and in greater proportion!

One of my favorite sayings is by John Wesley.  It reads:

Do all the good you can,

By all the means you can,

In all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all the times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as you ever can.

When considering giving, recite the memorized quotation above and then ask yourself if what you are about to do fulfills the criteria.  If it does, make the gift because it is something that will benefit those you serve as well as yourself.  When the energy you create through the gifts that you make cycles back to you, you will know that as St. Francis states:  “It is in giving that we receive.”  Right then and there you will be a grateful giver for life.

There Is No Risk

Don’t be frightened at the risk.  There really is none.  It is only a fear that we conjure up in our minds when we feel that by giving we may be removing something from our own storehouse.  I guarantee you that it works paradoxically in just the opposite manner.  Try the 90 day giving plan of your design and then see that giving can and will change your life.

All the very best always,

Judy Williamson – Executive Director, OG Cares

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Thoughts On Giving is a weekly “newsletter” that is intended help all of us to become more educated as to how giving works to strengthen our ties with our own growth and development as physical and spiritual beings.

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