Students in China receive scholarships that will change their futures.

Our Story

OG Cares Foundation recognizes that there are youth who are living without the resources necessary to become leaders in their communities and beyond. Every youth has the potential to become a leader but in order to be successful in the long term they need support and guidance from those who have experienced success. OG Cares is going to bridge the gap between youth who believe that they have no future with the skills they need to be successful in life. We realize that there are youth throughout the globe who are experiencing these struggles, which is why our foundation has a global focus. Our goal is to help as many youth, in as many countries, as possible and to make resources available to them to continue to build upon their leadership skills.

Our Mission

To support youth by providing them with opportunities to become productive and engaged members of their communities, so that they may initiate positive change for future generations. The OG Cares Foundation aims to impact thousands, if not millions, of youth around the world. We firmly believe that by investing in the youth of today, we will develop the international leaders of tomorrow.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Our Vision

Empowering youth around the world with the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in their communities.