Born in Tampa, Florida, Mr. Holton Buggs comes from very humble surroundings. Being raised in a housing project, he can relate to getting by with only the bare necessities. He has taken memories of his past and developed a sense of compassion that inspires him to succeed and help others today.

Holton’s leadership achievement in network marketing has given him direct and indirect influence on hundreds of thousands of people who have been part of his network organizations during his professional life. One of his life’s goals has been to create very positive change in the lives of 100 million people, both financially and spiritually.

When it comes to his charitable activities, Mr. Buggs is a proud initiator of the OG Cares Foundation and is one of the founding members who helped develop a strategy of impact combined with unparalleled passion. For example, he coordinated and financially supported a $100,000 donation which was given to several victims of the tornadoes that devastated the Alabama region in April 2011. He has also financed a number of youth scholarships as well.

Holton’s generosity and selfless support is well known, especially within the Organo Gold community. Those individuals whose lives he has touched hold his work in the highest regard.

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