Our goal is to help as many youth worldwide and to make resources available to them in order to develop their leadership skills.

Our Story

OG Cares Foundation recognizes that there are youth who are living without the resources necessary to become skilled adults in their communities and beyond. Every single youth has the potential to become a leader but in order to be successful long term they need support and guidance from those who have experienced success.

OG Cares is going to bridge the gap between youth who believe that they have no future with the skills they need to be successful in life. We realize that there are youth throughout the globe who are experiencing these struggles, which is why our foundation has a global focus.

Our Mission

To support youth by providing them with opportunities to become productive and engaged members of their communities, so that they may initiate positive change for future generations.

The OG Cares Foundation aims to impact thousands, if not millions, of youth around the world. We firmly believe that by investing in the youth of today, we will develop the international leaders of tomorrow.

Video – OG Cares Volunteers In Action

See OG Cares volunteers participating in a variety of Service Day Projects, as well as a sneak-peak into the 2015 Gala Fundraising Event.

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OG Cares Foundation & Organo Gold

A partnership between the OG Cares Foundation and Organo Gold exists as both organizations have a vested interest in creating international leaders. In fact, many of Organo Gold’s most successful distributors make it a priority to help others in their communities.

As the Organo Gold Opportunity continues to expand beyond all expectations, Organo Gold’s huge international family gives Organo Gold the ability to impact thousands of youth on a global scale. Already, Organo Gold is on its way to capturing 1% of the worldwide coffee market. Organo Gold can now set a new goal: to provide enough resources to the OG Cares Foundation to help 1% of youth around the globe!

Board of Directors

Holton Buggs Jr.

Holton Buggs Jr.

Chairman of the Board

Born in Tampa, Florida, Mr. Holton Buggs comes from very humble surroundings. Being raised in a housing project, he can relate to getting by with only the bare necessities. He has taken memories of his past and developed a sense of compassion that inspires him to succeed and help others today.

Judith Williamson

Judith Williamson

Executive Director

Judith Williamson is the Executive Director for the OG Cares Foundation (a non-Board Member position). Concurrently she serves as the Educational Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet.

Josie Morand

Josie Morand


Josie’s uplifting spirit and her passion for elevating others make her a wonderful addition to the OG Cares Board. Having offered her services at a number of charitable and community events, she deeply values the act of giving back.

Erlinda Cruz Santos

Erlinda Cruz Santos

Board Member

Growing up in the Philippines, Linda Santos has always appreciated the effects that selfless acts can have on others and their communities. She has made it her mission to act in an altruistic manner throughout her own life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OG Cares Foundation and what are its goals?

The OG Cares Foundation was established to identify the greatest unmet needs of “at-risk” youth and to provide them with the skills, training and support to become self sufficient, productive members of society. We also work with local organizations to empower youth to create continual benefits such as fulfillment and growth for themselves and others in a selfless, “lead by example” manner. The OG Cares Foundation receives additional support from our corporate sponsor and its global network of executives and independent distributors.

What makes the OG Cares Foundation special?

We believe that by focusing on the unmet needs of at-risk youth, coupled with our ability to engage volunteers from among world-class organizations like Organo Gold, we will be able to mentor, motivate and empower at-risk youth. Our aim is to make permanent improvements in the lives of today’s youth, so they have the skills to be tomorrow’s leaders.

What is the background of the founders of the OG Cares Foundation?

The OG Cares Foundation was founded by the leaders of Organo Gold (www.organogold.com), which include Bernardo Chua, Shane Morand and Holton Buggs Jr. They wanted to create a humanitarian organization that would provide a helping hand to at-risk youth who lack the skills, training, and mentorship to be successful in their adult life.

How do I give to the OG Cares Foundation?

There are two ways to give to the OG Cares Foundation.

  1. On your computer, please visit www.organogold.com/ogcares or ogcares.org/.
  2. On your smartphone, visit www.oggives.org to quickly and easily donate as much as you choose.

Each time that make a donation, you will be prompted to provide your name, phone number, and address. We will promptly mail and/or email a receipt, which will show your tax-deductible donation together with our tax ID number.

Do you have 501(c)(3) government non-profit status?

We have applied for 501(c)(3) status as a Public Charity with the IRS and we fully expect to receive tax exemption status in the very near future. As long as the tax exemption status is granted within twenty-seven (27) months of the date of incorporation (May, 2012), all donations from U.S. citizens will be tax deductible retroactive to the date of incorporation of the OG Cares Foundation (May, 2012). Our Tax ID # is 45-5208443.

What are some of OG Cares Foundation's future plans?

As rapidly as we can, we plan to expand our resource base and identify critical projects for youth, we will carefully and astutely provide volunteers, financial and other resources, both through organizations which have proven track records in serving youth, and directly where circumstances warrant.

We will constantly challenge ourselves to “reach for the stars while keeping our feet firmly on the ground.” In addressing the needs of youth, both directly and in collaboration with the most effective local and regional organizations throughout the world, we will go to the maximum extent that our resources enable us to do so.

Who should I share my ideas with regarding possible projects which significantly benefit at-risk youth?

You may send all project ideas, with as much information as possible, to info@ogcares.org. In addition, we invite you to carefully monitor the OG Cares website blog and idea sharing platform, which will be operational in the very near future.

Will the OG Cares Foundation collaborate with other organizations that assist youth?

Yes. The OG Cares Foundation has no interest in duplicating projects and services to at-risk youth whom other non-profit, volunteer organizations are already assisting in an efficient manner. In addition to our own programs, the OG Cares Foundation will always carefully evaluate trusted local and regional non-profit organizations that are already providing services to at-risk youth to determine if a collaborative effort is a good fit.

What is OG Cares Foundation's relationship with Organo Gold?

The OG Cares Foundation is very pleased to have Organo Gold as its corporate sponsor. We invite other corporations and individuals, who are passionate about supporting at-risk youth, to partner with us as well. To learn more about how to partner with OG Cares Foundation please contact info@ogcares.org.

Are Organo Gold's executives, employees and independent distributors involved in the OG Cares Foundation's philanthropic programs?

Definitely! The executives and employees of Organo Gold have already individually and collectively provided volunteer service, scholarships, food, clothing and significant financial resources to youth and their families in the Philippines, China, Canada and the U.S. Organo Gold and the OG Cares Foundation share a willingness to both “feed a fish” to fulfill an unmet need, and also to “teach how to fish” for long-term self reliance, whenever and wherever possible. We strongly believe that “Everyone deserves a chance!”