A Vision of Joy

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Dear Friends of OG CARES,

Thank you for generously supporting the OG CARES’ Vision of Joy Program.  Together, we have helped give both the gift of funds to support programs we have sponsored in the past, and also the gift of learning via the Think and Grow Rich books you have purchased.

By the end of 2016, we raised over $16,000 from your efforts.  Your donations will now enable us to reach more children throughout the world.

From the OG CARES’s Family to you and yours, thank you for joining us in this very successful effort.  Your contribution has made a meaningful impact.

As our co-sponsor, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, has agreed to allow us to continue to order Organo Branded Think and Grow Rich books in English, Spanish, Italian and French at a huge discount in lots of 100 ($500 for 100 books plus shipping where 50% of proceeds go to OG Cares. Also, you can order 50 or 10 copies).  We have approval from the OG CARES’ Board of Trustees to continue this fundraising campaign with the promise that every purchase you made will go directly to impact the lives of young children throughout the world in 2017.

Judith Williamson
Executive Director

To order your books, contact us at ogcaresevents@gmail.com

Thank you for your generous support in the Vision of Joy Campaign.

Contributors as of January 31, 2017 listed below in alphabetical order:

Tommaso Aloisi

Riguvilda Avila, Pablo Avila

Belovian Carter, Wilbert Carter

Lupe Cortes

Nam Do

Dave Doyle

Greg Eifert

Karin Ferro, Joel Montenegro

Mary Gachukia

Carrie Getzmier, Jessica Peterson

Sarah Gulia

Edwin Haynes, Andrea Haynes

Esther Hernandez, Mario Caztelan

Laura Johnson, Wardell Johnson

Duane Kleinsasser, Anna Kleinsasser

Talitta & Daniele Camero

Arcadio Montoya

Shane Morand, Josie Morand

Georgette Mubarak, Michael Mubarak

Simon Ndegwa, Mercy Imwati

The Nilsens

Marianne Noad

Danielle Norris

Jacob Rakowski

Dr. Robert & Kelly Rakowski

Jerrilynn Rebeyka, Mike Rebeyka

Sandra Richardson

John Sachtouras, Blanca Sachtouras

Kevin Schrobback

Ivan Sisco & Elaina Ward

Roderick Smith

Bertnox & Angela Thompson

Elda Valdes, Enrique Solis Aguero

Ignacio Villasenor

Dr. Latrice Walker

Your donation to the OG Cares Foundation will ensure that youth around the world can develop the skills necessary to succeed as adults. Donate Today, Change a Life Tomorrow